Top 5 Pirate Beers

Arr, ahoy there mateys. So ye be lookin’ fer some grog for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yo ho, look no further. Drink up, me hearties!

The top 5 pirate beers

Piraat Ale

Pirate Pale Ale
This one is only available on draught at the Brewery in New Jersey, so hoist up the main sail and set a course for the Gaslight Brewery

15 South Orange Ave., South Orange, NJ 07079


Three Skulls Ale

“Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Three Skulls Ales celebrates those scallywags who traveled the Caribbean seas pillaging anything they could get their hands on. Of course we all know that those pirates who roamed the seas were a nasty lot. But they certainly did enjoy large amounts of good grog! We also celebrate those few women who took to the seas to join the men who thirsted for booty. They were as fierce as the men! Enjoy!”

Irish Red Ale

For our 2011 Jolly Rodger we’ve crossed over to the Dark side and brought loads of hops along for the trip to make an Imperial Dark IPA. Starting with just the right blend of American 2-row barley, dark roasted barley and Rye to give the beer its smooth mouthfeel and intimidating darkness, we then hit it hard with Chinook, Citra and CTZ hops to give it a classic “West Coast” style hoppy aroma and flavor. Smooth, crisp and hop-forward, but with a heart of darkness.

Last but certainly not least…
Shiver me timbers, this here be ale worth fighting fer, and the most readily available of the bunch.
Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

What be ye drink of choice?

Arr, post a comment and let it be known what be going in ya belly ya scallywag!

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