The last 10 or so beers I’ve had and why I lag at putting up posts…

Hello all –

BeerSoakedStew here and I have REALLY lagged on posting anything beer related for quite sometime. I got a new job as a director at an outpatient clinic in Brea and also recently got engaged, so I guess that gets me off the hook somewhat! Ha! So here goes with the last 10 or so beers I’ve had.

1. Bear Republic – Cafe Racer 15 Real Ale

  • This was a tasty beer and it tends to bite you back, not in a hoppy/bitter way but in a 9.75% kinda way

2. Stone – R & R Coconut IPA

  • Not too strong in the coconut dept for all you hop heads out there. Very smooth.

3. Bootlegger’s – Far Out IPA

  • not sure why it’s “far out”, not once did I feel to channel my inner hippy! The Boot doesn’t usually disappoint!

4. Ballast Point – Home Brew Mart – Homework Series Batch #1 – Hoppy Red Ale

  • click on the picture above to get all the good. I don’t quite know enough about cooking times, weights and measures and all that good stuff but it’s tasty and decently priced

5. Stone – RuinTen IPA

  • if you’ve had Stone’s Ruination, you’ll dig this. It’s 10%+, so watch out!

6. Old Orange Brewery – Thumb Master Double IPA

  • I’m an Orange guy and I like supporting these guys. They are just starting to get into grocery stores. Find them if you can!

7. Stone Enjoy By 07.04.13

  • what can I say, these are were magical! Keep your eyes and ears posted for the next one!

8. Sierra Nevada – Hoptimum

  • at 10.4% and 100 IBU’s, this thing is strong and bitter but so damn tasty. I haven’t seen it everywhere but Hollingshead in Orange has it

9. Bear Republic – Black Racer IPA

  • Very smooth IPA from BR, not sure if it’s still around but specialty stores may be able to get it for you. Good luck!

10. Old Orange Brewery – Cannonball Imperial IPA

  • Just another little something from the OOB guys. A bit stronger than the Thumb Master but very tasty. This was in a bottle but they almost always have it on draft at their brewery.

So guys, that’s all for now. I hope to get out to this year’s Brew Ha Ha, but the Orange International Street Fair is next weekend so that just may be the primer. Until next time.


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