The Globe Dine Bar – Belgian Beer paradise and international gastropub

TheGlobeDineBar - exteriorThe other night I found myself in Garden Grove on a date night and so we popped into a craft beer place that I’d heard a lot about, but had not yet tried. Their tagline is “Globally inspired, seasonal cuisine, exclusive Belgian craft beers, engaging European hospitality.” My expectations were set pretty high, and The Globe met them all.

The Venue

The Globe Dine Bar
12926 (Historic) Main St., Garden Grove, CA 92840 – (714) 537-7471

The restaurant is located on Main Street in historic downtown Garden Grove, (just a couple of blocks away from GGHS where Steve Martin graduated in 1963.) The cobblestone street gives it an old-timey look and feel. There was ample parking on the street and a huge parking lot behind Main Street, next to Coastline Community College.

First Impressions

We were greeted as we walked in the door by the owner, Michael Pauwels. He’s a friendly guy and welcomed us into the dine bar like a friend welcomes you into their home. We told him it was our first time in the restaurant. As we were seated, he told us a bit about the menu, and how it features international cuisine which varies with the seasons throughout the year.

TheGlobeDineBar (20)When I mentioned that I was a beer blogger he took some extra time to go over the beer menu, explained how he deals directly with the brewers in Belgium, (rather than working with a distributor) to make sure that his selection is not only unique, but also fresh. He rotates the kegs and cleans the lines regularly, (every two weeks). They serve each beer at its appropriate temperature in its signature glassware according to Cicerone specifications. Definitely impressive for beer geeks like myself.

The Beer

TheGlobeDineBar - tapsI asked Michael if they offered beer flights because there was so much good beer on the menu I wanted to try a bunch of them. They have over 30 different Belgian beers, and 18 of those are on tap! He recommended a couple different beer flights for me. I ordered a flight of the Winter beers since they may not be around for long.

The flight consisted of four seasonal beers: Affligem Noël (9%abv), Delirium Noël (10%abv), Scaldis Noël (12.5%abv), and St. Bernardus ABT 12 (10.5%abv). The St. Bernardus Christmas keg was blown, so Michael substituted the ABT 12 into the lineup for me. All four beers were pretty amazing, and it was a real treat to taste them side-by-side. The Scaldis Noël was my favorite, with the Delirium Noël a close second.

The Food

TheGlobeDineBar - appetizerI asked for a recommendation for an appetizer, Michael suggested the Artisan Gouda Cheese Croquettes, which are hand-breaded, lightly fried, and served with a lemon wedge. They are a signature dish and after biting into the crunchy exterior into the melted gouda cheese I can see why. This is one of those must have starters and is highly recommended.

We decided to eat family style and order a couple Hoppas (hops and tapas) and split a main course. We ordered the skirt steak florets and the prosciutto wrapped scampi shrimp as our hoppas. The skirt steak melts in your mouth along with the blue cheese and pearl onions which were complimented by a red wine sauce. The scampi were huge and cooked to perfection. It was a bit salty for my tastes, but that’s to be expected with the prosciutto. The flavors really popped and went well with the malty sweetness of the beer.

For our main we decided to split the Roasted Porchetta. Wait til you read the description on the menu:

A savoury moist boneless pork, stuffed with prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh Italian herbs. Served with Parmesan shaved rosemary potato gratin, and sautéed farm fresh vegetables.

The potatoes were everything you’d hope they would be, cheesy, with just the right amount of rosemary to add flavor but not overwhelm the pork. The veggies were sautéed in butter and cooked to the perfect amount of crispness. It’s always a challenge to get pork cooked all the way through, and not overdone. This one turned out a bit on the dry side, but the flavors were spectacular and there was plenty of sauce on the plate and I had no problems drenching the pork in the sauce in between bites.

TheGlobeDineBar - dessertFor dessert we split the Tiramisu and I must say that it’s one of the best that I’ve had. When I go out to dinner I usually skip dessert and joke that I’d rather drink my calories. This was worth skipping the extra beer. And coming from me, that’s saying a lot.

During dessert Michael pulled up a chair and sat with us for a few minutes making sure we had a great time. He also let us know about a few upcoming events; a bottle share, walking dinner, etc. Check out their Facebook page to get all the details. He also made his way around the restaurant checking in with everyone there, so it wasn’t just because I’m a blogger, it’s the European hospitality that they are known for.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a delicious European meal complimented by excellent service and amazing Belgian brews, then look no further. The Globe Dine Bar is the spot for you.

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