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In the past I’ve spent way too many hours in Photoshop coming up with artwork for my craft beer labels. When an all grain brew day is 8 hours, it seemed fair to spend that much time on the label. But with the Mr Beer kit, it’s so simple. The very first brew day is only 90 minutes, (and that is including initial assembly, cleaning and sanitization). So I decided that I’d better not spend more time on the label design than the actual home-brew.

I found a link in the Mr. Beer Fans forum to an online label generator and decided to give it a try.

It is a Flash based site that is simple and quick, and just what I was after for this beer. You fill out the fields and the label preview updates in real-time. It was just perfect for a Mr. Beer batch. Fill out the form, select your design, select the colors, and print. It’s really that simple. They have two free label templates, each with a few color options. For the Zachzilla label, I chose the 2nd free template which has a Western look and feel to it. The other free template has more of a distressed/grunge look. They also have a bunch of other premium labels, representing a variety of styles and those are just as simple to create.

Premium Membership is $5 and you get access to ALL the label designs.

I saw a quite a few of the premium labels that I liked, and for only $5 I’ll probably sign up when it’s time to label my next batch. But for now, I went with one of the free ones and it only took me a few minutes to create and print to my color laser printer.

Next steps: Cut out the labels, apply with milk, hand out to friends.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it, apply with milk. I thought it was a joke at first too… But it really works!

  • Print out your labels on a laser printer, (inkjet colors will run)
  • Cut out labels
  • Get a paintbrush and coat the back of the label with milk
  • Apply label to bottles, (not the chilled ones that you have lagering, empties or conditioning bottles)

It really works too. Milk helps to attach the labels, and allows for easy removal when it comes to reusing the bottles for the next batch of homebrew.

No referral, I just wanted to share

Zachzilla Pale AleBy the way, I don’t get a referral fee or anything from the Beer Labelizer site. I just found it handy and wanted to share the link. That site was created by Andy Biggs, a flash designer from New Zealand and it’s listed under his “personal projects” so I’m making the assumption that he’s a home brewer like the rest of us. He also makes the Jam Labelizer which also has a couple free labels so you might want to see if one of those freebies works for your homebrew. There’s a round one that looks cool for beer, but may be hard to cut out.

There are a handful of other label maker sites out there as well: is one that comes to mind, but I haven’t used it. I’ve  just seen it mentioned on other craft beer blog sites. I’m sure there are others as well. Leave a comment if you have a favorite.


– Beer Soaked Erik

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