Thanks IPA Day, had a great time

IPA day 2011Thanks IPA Day! I had a great time educating my co-workers and friends about the India Pale Ale style of beer today. Not to mention how much fun I had drinking various IPAs. From the photo you can see what I had lined up and chilling in my fridge. And while I’d love to say I made it through all of them I’d be lying.

So here’s what I did end up drinking:

  • Port Brewing – Mongo India Pale Ale (double IPA)
  • Bear Republic – Racer 5 India Pale Ale
  • Lagunitas – IPA (Not pictured. Surprise addition, thanks to Kevin and Scott)
  • Kern River Brewing Co – Just Outstanding IPA

(and although there’s still 1 and a half hours left tonight for IPA day, I don’t think I’ll open another beer. My typing is already suffering adn my spill chicker has had enough.)

The Beers

[beer id=5809]
[beer id=1553]
[beer id=4509]
[beer id=8201]

The Venue

Started off at home @ 12:01 with the Mongo (22 oz). Stayed up for about an hour after finishing the beast and then went to bed. At lunch today, went to the golf course and hit a bucket of balls while drinking a Racer 5 (12 oz). After work had a Lagunitas IPA (12 oz) with Kevin and Scott. At home again, after dinner, had the Just Outstanding (22 oz).

The Review

Okay, so this is going to be a scattered review, mainly because it wasn’t really the side-by-side tasting I had planned. But anyway, here’s my beer soaked thoughts.

  • Mongo – Popping a DIPA at 12:01 seemed like the right call, but it was way too big a beer for that late at night. I really liked the grapefruit notes which were dominant, but I should have had a beer that wasn’t so strong as my nightcap. 3.5 caps
  • Racer 5 – This is a solid IPA, and since it’s readily available around these parts it’ll end up being my house IPA. Crisp and clean and has won a place in my heart as a #Comfort Beer – 4 caps
  • Lagunitas IPA – It’s hard to give these guys an impartial review because I used to work up in Petaluma and shared a parking lot with these guys. So I have very fond memories of walking over to their warehouse after work for their monthly parties and paying $5 for a glass which got me unlimited tastes of whatever they had on tap. So having said that, you may think my 4 cap rating is biased, and it is, so taste it for yourself.
  • Just Outstanding IPA – Now this one caught me by surprise because it wasn’t on my original IPA Day menu. I had gone to one of my secret spots, Farmer’s Harvest, to shop for IPA day in hopes of scoring a Pliny the Elder. Mike saw me scanning the beer wall and asked if he could help. When I told him what I was shopping for he apologized and informed me that they they sold all their Pliny within two hours of receiving their shipment. So I asked him for a recommendation and he said that he had something in the back that I might like. He disappeared into the back of the store and came back with the Kern River Brewing Co – Just Outstanding IPA. I am glad he did. 5 caps, that’s right 5.

So although I didn’t finish the day with the Pliny the Elder as planned, I still finished with a  terrific IPA. And thanks to Ken over at Pacific Park Market I have Pliny in the fridge to enjoy this weekend.



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