Linch Pin – White India Pale Ale

So in honor of American Craft Beer Week I decided to try a new beer, and a new style of beer. Today I had my first White India Pale Ale.

Linch Pin – White India Pale Ale

A collaboration between Founders and Green Flash

It pours a light yellow, with a nice fluffy head. It looks very much like a hefeweizen in the glass. Then the hops come through in the nose and anticipation sets in. The flavor has got a breadiness to it with a delicate hop profile. This would be a great entry into the world of IPAs if you’ve got some fizzy yellow beer folk in your life. I’d compare it to a wheat beer with more hops. A great collaboration between Founders Brewing and Green Flash Brewery. It’s a fantastic beer and I’ll be on the lookout for more of this, you should too.


Beer Soaked Erik