Chico’s Pico – kick up your clicks?

As a blogger and a nerd, I’m always checking to see what drives traffic to our site because we’ve only been beer blogging for a short while. Recently we got a lot of direct referrals from Chico’s Pico which surprised us. They pointed to our salsa review way back in July 2011, and lately we’ve had a sudden burst of traffic from them. Thanks Chico!

So that made us look into our WordPress stats a little deeper. Some of the keywords that link to our site were unexpected. Now if you’re an expert in SEO then you are probably shouting at your screen right about now, “You’re doing it all wrong! Don’t give away the keys to the castle.” Heh, we do this for fun, we’re not in it for the ad revenue. We were surprised at the stats, and thought maybe some of our readers would be too. If you’re interested in this techie sort of stuff, grab a brew, maybe some chips and salsa and settle in to read more… be warned, this one is more about web stuff than about beer stuff. Continue reading

August 4th is #IPADay

IPA Day August 4thSo if you are following any of the #craftbrew posts on twitter you have probably also seen #IPADay. You may be wondering what it’s all about, like we were. But in case you’ve got better things to do than look it up, here’s the link.
If you’re like we are, then you already have your favorite IPA’s picked out for the celebration. We are planning on reviewing a few more before the actual #IPADay, (India Pale Ale day, not Ipad day), is upon us, just to be sure we’ve got our fridge properly stocked.

What are you planning on drinking?

Send a message to @beersoaked on Twitter and let us know.
Find out what we’ve got lined up here!/beersoaked