Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Johnny Walker Red, Coronado Idiot (5 caps, see earlier post), The Bruery Mischeif Belgian style(3 caps) and Stone Imperial Black IPA (4 caps)since the last post.  Doing well @ poker, can’t talk now.  Try to get one more in before I call it quits.  Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Crow Burger Kitchen, revisited

Crow Burger Kitchen

Crow Burger Kitchen | fine food + beer

So I got a chance to finally return to the Crow Burger Kitchen in Newport Beach the other night. This time around I decided to do things a bit differently. If you read my previous review of this craft beer burger joint you may remember that I had a couple pints and reviewed them along with the food. This time around I went with the whole family and ordered a flight of 4 oz. tasters to go with my meal instead of going for a full pint. Continue reading

Stone – 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA

So I picked this one up on the first day of release, at my favorite secret spot on August 15th, but kept it in the fridge until tonight. I wanted to take my time with this one, as I knew it was going to need special attention. I’m glad I did, because this beer definitely deserves it. Now, this is the very first black IPA I’ve ever tried, so my review is totally off the cuff and like all my reviews should be taken for face value. Continue reading

Stone Brewing – Japanese Green Tea IPA

Green Tea IPASo the on August 15th I went to Pacific Park Market at lunch to be the first kid on the block with the Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA. Ken mentioned that they had just received their Stone delivery that morning and I was one of the first to take advantage. Yay for me! Much to my surprise, they also had the Japanese Green Tea IPA that I had been reading about on the Stone Blog back in June! It was released a month ago, but I had not seen it in stores yet, so I grabbed a bottle.
Continue reading

Stone Collaboration – Cherry Chocolate Stout

Collaboration_CherryChocolateStoutOkay, so this one was a special treat for me, an unplanned surprise. I was at the Pacific Park Market and I was looking for the Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout as recommended to me in a comment on the “How To Make Friends At A Pool Party” article I wrote. So I was wandering around the back of the store carefully scanning all the shelves. That’s when Ken introduced himself and asked if he could help.

I told him what I was looking for and he said that he had it in the store about three weeks ago, but didn’t have it right now. Then he started recommending other stouts that he thought I might find interesting. Then one really caught my attention. I grabbed this one for a few reasons…

  1. It was the last one he had in the store, (limited)
  2. It was something that I’d never had before, (new)
  3. Stone was involved, (reputation) Continue reading