Russian River Week at Tustin Brewing

TustinBrewing (taplist)Tustin Brewing Company is one of our favorite local watering holes. Not only do they have a host of their own brews on tap, but they constantly rotate a bunch of taps bringing in guest kegs of amazing beer from other brewers as well.

This week is Russian River Week, a favorite week of ours because we love everything that Russian River Brewing Company makes. They are well-known for their IPAs and their sours and for good reason, they make some of the best beers in those styles.

Beer Soaked Scott and I took some time off work to wait in line for a ticket to taste Pliny the Younger. This is our true story… Continue reading

Pliny the Younger at Selma’s Ladera

Getting older, while waiting for Younger.

Well, I’ve been tweeting about it for a couple weeks now, telling everyone I knew about it, and even posted on Facebook about it as soon as I confirmed my invitation to the tasting event. So it was shocking when I showed up yesterday afternoon and no one at Selma’s was aware of the Facebook event. D’oh!

My heart sank, my adrenaline raced, my beer soaked brain went into overdrive. I thought I had a lock on the Russian River PtY tasting presale tickets. Everything I knew was wrong. Continue reading

Pliny the Younger in Orange County 2012

Well, there seem to be a ton of folks coming here to find out where to find Russian River Brewing Company’s elusive Triple IPA, “Pliny The Younger” on tap in Orange County. Rather than pretend that I’ve done all the research, I’ll just point you to the resource I’ve been using to track it down. The folks over have a great list of SoCal spots to watch. Of course, twitter is the best way to get real-time info on who’s got what on tap now. I’d recommend that you follow your favorite watering hole on Twitter and stay tuned to see when they announce it.

For example:


Happy beer hunting!

6:45 – Blind Pig

Beer Soaked Erik was good to me this Christmas and gifted me a Russian River Blind Pig and 2 of those fancy Sam Adams glasses made just for beer.  They’re both firsts for me so it’s a good way to start the evening.  For starters, the glass is as advertised; continuous bubbles from the bottom rising to the top always keeping a head on the beer.  And maybe it’s just me, but I really do think the shape lends to more aroma.  As for the Pig, WOW.  I like my IPAs and it’s another to add to my list of favorites.  It starts hoppy and floral with a  good bitter tang, and finishes almost citrusy.  Citrusy – my new word.  Not as good as a Pliny the Elder from Russian River, but a definite keeper.  It will become a regular in my rotation, and it just so happens that I found a new place today that is on the Russian River distribution route here in SoCal.  More on that in a later post.  What a great way to start the evening.  Oh, thanks again Erik.  I’ve got a little something for you as well.  Time to toss the wings, stay tuned…

Crow Burger Kitchen, revisited

Crow Burger Kitchen

Crow Burger Kitchen | fine food + beer

So I got a chance to finally return to the Crow Burger Kitchen in Newport Beach the other night. This time around I decided to do things a bit differently. If you read my previous review of this craft beer burger joint you may remember that I had a couple pints and reviewed them along with the food. This time around I went with the whole family and ordered a flight of 4 oz. tasters to go with my meal instead of going for a full pint. Continue reading