Coronado Brewing Company – Idiot IPA

not this idiotMonday night football is a great time to drink beer. Whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s a great excuse to enjoy a craft beer on a weeknight. So last night I settled in for the game and it was all fun and games until this idiot showed up… no, not Beer Soaked Scott… a different idiot. Continue reading

Thanks IPA Day, had a great time

IPA day 2011Thanks IPA Day! I had a great time educating my co-workers and friends about the India Pale Ale style of beer today. Not to mention how much fun I had drinking various IPAs. From the photo you can see what I had lined up and chilling in my fridge. And while I’d love to say I made it through all of them I’d be lying.

So here’s what I did end up drinking: Continue reading