Korker Liquor – Corona Del Mar

Every now and then we stumble across a place that we should have known about long ago. Whenever we do, we plan on sharing it with our readers. Korker Liquor is one of those places. It is a liquor store that we’ve driven past hundreds of times over the years, but never bothered to stop in… that is, until recently.
Korker Liquor is located on the ocean side of Pacific Coast Hightway just north of the MacArthur intersection in Corona Del Mar. Seriously, if you’ve ever driven down PCH through Corona Del Mar, you’ve definitely seen Korker Liquor.

If you look at the photo of the street view, just above the doorway… it says “CRAFT BEERS” in big bold letters. How could we miss that? Well, we did. Little did we know what else we were missing. Continue reading