Linch Pin – White India Pale Ale

So in honor of American Craft Beer Week I decided to try a new beer, and a new style of beer. Today I had my first White India Pale Ale.

Linch Pin – White India Pale Ale

A collaboration between Founders and Green Flash

It pours a light yellow, with a nice fluffy head. It looks very much like a hefeweizen in the glass. Then the hops come through in the nose and anticipation sets in. The flavor has got a breadiness to it with a delicate hop profile. This would be a great entry into the world of IPAs if you’ve got some fizzy yellow beer folk in your life. I’d compare it to a wheat beer with more hops. A great collaboration between Founders Brewing and Green Flash Brewery. It’s a fantastic beer and I’ll be on the lookout for more of this, you should too.


Beer Soaked Erik


Shipyard – Monkey Fist IPA

Shipyard- Monkey Fist IPAI thought I’d kick off American Craft Beer Week 2012 by trying something new. So I went to one of my local craft beer secret spots and looked over the shelves for something different. With a name like “Monkey Fist” it’s got to be good… Right? It has a red label and a monkey with a fistful of hops? So far, so good. 6.9% abv, still on the right track for me. Pacific Park Market had the 12 oz.bottles sold as singles, (usually a sign that they have limited quantities), so I grabbed a bottle and headed home anticipating my first sip. Continue reading

Not that kind of Wookie, Jack

No, not that kind of Wookie, Jack.

If you’re living under a beer-soaked rock then you might be thinking that I’m talking about Chewbacca’s Halloween costume. Well, I’m not. (Although, I did take a few moments to open up Photoshop and splice together a couple of images to show what that might look like.)

I’m actually talking about the Proprietor’s Reserve Unfiltered Black Rye IPA that Firestone Walker recently released called Wookey Jack. Everyone around me has been raving about this one lately. Heck, even our own Beer Soaked Guido had a glass of Wookey Jack last week when he visited the tasting room at Firestone Walker in Paso Robles. So although I’m probably the last kid on the block to try this brew, I’m probably the first to take it to Photoshop. Continue reading

The Maharaja – Avery Brewing Company

 Are you looking for a big, bold Imperial IPA? Yes, well, you are not alone. So am I… almost always. It’s yet another Imperial IPA review. What can I say, it’s my current favorite style of beer. So I’m slowly making my way through a bunch of them. This one is by Avery Brewing from Boulder, CO and it’s part of their Dictator Series of brews.

The Dictator Series represent “an exploration of beer flavor through the medium of traditional ingredients.” The three Dictators in this series are the Kaiser (Imperial Octoberfest Lager), the Czar (Imperial Stout), and today we look at the Maharaja (Imperial IPA). Continue reading