Dwlye flonking – yes, it’s really a thing

Okay, so this is what I get for googling myself. Well, not really myself, but my beer soaked blog. I got an invite for Google+ about a month ago and haven’t really had the time to set it up. So this weekend I decided to get it going. I wasn’t sure if I had posted a link to BeerSoaked.com on my Google+ account yet, so I searched for “beer soaked” and got quite a few hits, but none from me. As I scrolled through all the Google+ links for “beer soaked” one really caught my eye. Dwyle Flonking

I followed the link, which pointed to the following YouTube video about a game where folks dance in a circle around a bucket of beer and when the music stops the person in the middle throws a beer-soaked rag at someone in the circle. I instantly knew I just had to share this. Enjoy!

“We’re basically country bumpkins playing a silly game”
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