Beer Soaked Memorial Day – Bitch Please

Nothing too wordy here, just a quick recap of some of today’s highlights. Started off with an Anchor Steam while Beer Soaked Scott was working the grill. Anchor Steam is a great house beer, consistently good, and readily available year round.

Beer Soaked Tri-tip

Beer Soaked Tri-tip

Scott is our designated chef and any time he’s behind the grill, we’re honored to be in attendance. Today Beer Soaked Kevin and I were lucky enough to be invited over for the BBQ party. Scott was grilling up some dry rub tri-tip and whiskey marinated barbecued chicken in the smoker. Both turned out excellent and after a few beers I tried to get him to divulge his secret recipe, no luck, but I’ll keep trying.

We enjoyed Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale with the food. A limited release brew that appears to be at the end of it’s run. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. But it’s a damn good Red and will be missed.

Next I headed inside to the man fridge to grab the next brew. I said, “Scott, what can I get you?” He replied, “Dealer’s choice.” I said, “Bitch, Please!” He said, “Hey now…” then I showed him the bottle… Continue reading