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This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, your name in print, that MAKES people! I’m in print. Things are going to start happening to me now.

In all seriousness, we are honored to be listed on the Beer Bloggers Conference list of citizen beer blogs in North America. We were added today along with 60 others. Now it’s time to start bookmarking some of the other beer sites. Cheers to craft beer!


Dwlye flonking – yes, it’s really a thing

Okay, so this is what I get for googling myself. Well, not really myself, but my beer soaked blog. I got an invite for Google+ about a month ago and haven’t really had the time to set it up. So this weekend I decided to get it going. I wasn’t sure if I had posted a link to on my Google+ account yet, so I searched for “beer soaked” and got quite a few hits, but none from me. As I scrolled through all the Google+ links for “beer soaked” one really caught my eye. Dwyle Flonking

I followed the link, which pointed to the following YouTube video about a game where folks dance in a circle around a bucket of beer and when the music stops the person in the middle throws a beer-soaked rag at someone in the circle. I instantly knew I just had to share this. Enjoy!

“We’re basically country bumpkins playing a silly game”
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Beer Soaked Brownie Pudding

We here at are not only beer guys, we’re also wannabe foodies. It’s confession time, I enjoy cooking with craft beer as well as drinking it. I follow cooking recipes, and even have been caught watching the Food Network channel now and then.

A while ago I saw this simple brownie pudding recipe from the Barefoot Contessa and I thought I’d give it a try. Planning ahead, I decided to pair this dessert with a Double Chocolate Stout from Young’s, and stopped by one of my favorite bottle shops on the way to the grocery store and grabbed a couple of bottles. Back home, I opened up a bottle of Double Chocolate Stout while prepping the dessert. While preparing the mix according to the recipe, I added some beer to the mixing bowl. The result was fantastic and the modified recipe is here for your enjoyment. Continue reading

OC BrewHaHa was pretty awesome

OC BrewHaHaSo, if you’ve been following our tweets, then you know that today was the Orange County BrewHaHa beer festival in Irvine, California. The BeerSoaked guys were in attendance and were far too busy drinking craft beer and meeting with cool folks to “live blog” during the event. So we’re posting after the fact. Better Nate than lever. Continue reading

Beer soaked golf

How to play golf and drink beer at the same time. Things you’ll need: Sucktitude, Cheap Golf, Cooler Bag, Canned Craft Beer.


Okay, so you don’t have to suck at golf to play beer soaked golf. But you shouldn’t be working on improving your handicap either. I started playing golf when I was a kid, but I sucked, so I quit playing. Continue reading