Hair Of The Dog – Ruth

It is said that to prevent rabies you should take the hair of the dog that bit you and rub it into the bite wound. Is there any truth to that? I don’t know. However, based on that saying it’s also said that to cure a hangover, in the morning you should drink whatever you were drinking the night before.

Hair of the Dog brewing company in Portland, Oregon makes great bottle-conditioned beer. But, I don’t see it as the kind of stuff that I’d get a hangover from. For me, they make sipping brews. These are fine crafted beers that I like take my time with and savor the flavors. I’ve already spoken my mind on Hair of the Dog – Adam. So this time I am taking a peek at Ruth. Continue reading

Citra – Knee Deep Brewing

Knee Deep Brewing Co.

Located in Northern California is an All-American town called Lincoln. I remember driving through Lincoln many times back in college on my way from Chico State to Lake Tahoe. It was a sleepy little train town that you might miss if you blink on your drive down highway 65. But over the year’s it’s grown and now Lincoln even has an award-winning brewery, Knee Deep Brewing Co. I had a chance to try the single hopped Citra Extra Pale Ale over the weekend.  Continue reading