Samuel Adams – Third Voyage

If you’re one of those who think Sam Adams is no good because they got too big, read this article by Jim Koch… then come back here.

I will always remember Samuel Adams Boston Lager as the first beer I had on my 21st birthday. Up until that time, beer was just yellow fizzy stuff with little to no flavor. Sam Adams changed my mind. So anytime I see a new beer from the Boston Beer Company I’ll grab it and give it a try. They’ve earned a lifetime pass as far as I’m concerned. When I heard about the small batch series of brews from Samuel Adams I was on-board from the get-go.

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Uinta – Crooked Line – Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner

Tilted Smile Imperial PilsnerThis will be a short review, mainly because I recently heard that most folks don’t really care to read beer reviews. That’s okay, really it is. We started this site because we wanted a personal space to catalog the beers we liked and to be able to remember which ones we would buy again and it grew from there. So we still want to maintain a catalog of beers we’ve tried and what we thought about them. Feel free to ignore the reviews, well I guess it’s too late for that. Since you’re here you may as well go ahead and read about this one.

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Highway 78 Scotch Ale – Stone Collaborations

Highway78 Scotch AleNow, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… when craft beer folks get together to brew more often than not great things happen. I know it happens when I get together with my buddies to brew. There’s something about working together and bouncing ideas off one another that brings out the best in whatever we brew. So I’m projecting here, but I know that has gotta be what happens with the Stone Collaborations too. Continue reading

Santa’s Little Helper – Port Brewing

Every Sunday evening back in 1997 I was glued to the TV set as was my usual routine. Port Brewing - Santa's Little HelperIn Episode 20 during Season 8 of my favorite television show a young boy complains that he doesn’t get any mail. Then his mom decides to give him the family’s junk mail. One of them is a credit card application. He fills it out using the name of his dog, Santa’s Little Helper and claims the occupation to be “butt doctor”. The company misreads the name as “Santos L. Halper“, and the credit card application is approved. Before long, the boy  receives a credit card and zaniness ensues.

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Coronado Brewing Company – Idiot IPA

not this idiotMonday night football is a great time to drink beer. Whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s a great excuse to enjoy a craft beer on a weeknight. So last night I settled in for the game and it was all fun and games until this idiot showed up… no, not Beer Soaked Scott… a different idiot. Continue reading