Stone – Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Stone – Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Ruining palates for ten years – 10.8% ABV – 110 IBU

I have to admit that back in June 2002 I was not drinking the first batch of Stone Ruination India Pale Ale. At that point the bitterest beer on my list was still Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It wasn’t until fairly recently, that I started getting into the high IBUs. (International Bittering Units)

BE WARNED: This one is a whopping 110 IBUs!

Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA

The marketing folks at Stone did a great job with that video. If you can watch that and not be curious about what it tastes like, then you are a better person than I. For me, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. The release date was June 11, 2012, which was just one day after my birthday, 2 days after the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest, and unfortunately, 5 days after my surgery, so I still wasn’t allowed to drink. So expectations were pretty high for this one. I had a sober birthday, I couldn’t attend a beer fest I’d been looking forward to for months, and now this.


It pours a rich golden color with a healthy head up top. The nose is predominately citrus, with grapefruit notes right up front. The first sip is incredibly bitter. Even with the warning on the bottle, I was still surprised, pleasantly surprised. If you are a hop-head then this should be on your shopping list. The beer is balanced with extra malt to compliment the abundance of hops and the result is an extremely well-crafted beer.

5 beer caps from me on this one.


While I’d like to think that beers like this haven’t ruined my palate, I do admit that they have ruined my ability to enjoy a weak, thin, fizzy, yellow brew. Gone are the days where a Bud Light sounded refreshing.


– Beer Soaked Erik

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