Stone Collaboration – Cherry Chocolate Stout

Collaboration_CherryChocolateStoutOkay, so this one was a special treat for me, an unplanned surprise. I was at the Pacific Park Market and I was looking for the Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout as recommended to me in a comment on the “How To Make Friends At A Pool Party” article I wrote. So I was wandering around the back of the store carefully scanning all the shelves. That’s when Ken introduced himself and asked if he could help.

I told him what I was looking for and he said that he had it in the store about three weeks ago, but didn’t have it right now. Then he started recommending other stouts that he thought I might find interesting. Then one really caught my attention. I grabbed this one for a few reasons…

  1. It was the last one he had in the store, (limited)
  2. It was something that I’d never had before, (new)
  3. Stone was involved, (reputation)

The Beer

[beer id=8255]
Stone Collaborations 2011
Cherry Chocolate Stout – ale brewed with Chocolate, Cherry, and Vanilla Beans
Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard / Troegs / Stone

“A huge thanks to Stone and Troegs! Stone, for putting on an event like this, providing this incredible opportunity, and their help through this process; Troegs, for coming all the way from the east coast and providing some great input on the recipe for our brew.”
– Jason Fields, Homebrewer

“From two guys brewing a backyard batch to you. I hope you enjoy drinking this as much as we enjoyed brewing it.”
– Kevin Sheppard, Homebrewer |

The Venue

This one was opened up at home, poured into a pint glass, and enjoyed on the couch in front of the TV.

The Review

The first sip got me hooked. Unique, interesting, smooth, and very drinkable. In fact, it was so incredibly smooth that I decided to let it warm up in case I was missing out on something. The chocolate was stronger than the cherry which was stronger than the vanilla. But all three were very well balanced and didn’t overpower the stout. I kept wondering where the bitterness was, it seemed almost non-existent. This was a really fun tasting for me because I got to the bottom of the glass and still found myself searching for more. This is a bottle-conditioned ale and I’d love to see what it’s like after aging it a bit.

This is a 5 cap beer in my opinion. One of those rarities that I’m glad I had a chance to enjoy. I find on another one I’ll grab it straight it away. So if you see one before I do then you’d better buy it. I’m really starting to re-think sharing my secret spots with you all right about now.


Cheers, Erik


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