Squatters Pub presents… Radio From Hell the brew!


I picked up a couple bottles from Squatters PubĀ  the other night. Tonight I opened up the “RED AS HELL” ALE

5.5% abv – 1pint 9 fl ounces
Utah Brewers Cooperative, Salt Lake City, Utah

When you are thinking about that first beer of the day, may we suggest Radio From Hell red ale. It goes down easy and a lot faster than bacon and eggs. You’ll call us and say “thanks for letting me drink it.”

Apparently this beer has something to do with a local radio station 96.3 fm KXRK or X96. I haven’t looked it up yet, but I’m sure the answer is only a Google away.

It pours a deep dark red color with a finger width head. A bit of a floral nose with a sweetness to it. First sip tells me that this is going to be an easy drinking beer. A clean red ale. Second sip leads to a third and so on. Yep, this is an easy drinker. I’ll grab another at the store tomorrow. 3 beersoaked caps from me.
Beer Soaked Erik

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