Sierra Nevada – Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
If you read my review of the Ranger IPA then you may recall that I had brought a six pack of Torpedo to a pool party and left it in the cooler. I mentioned that I’d review the Torpedo at a later time… now’s that time.

The Beer

[beer id=4997]
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


The Venue

After a long day at work it was nice to walk into the house with dinner already on the stove. Grilled salmon topped with with lemon butter, brown rice and sauteed vegetables. My instructions were to grab something to drink and have a seat at the dinner table. When I opened up the fridge and saw that we had Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, I smiled.


The Review

I popped the cap and poured the 12 oz. Extra IPA into a pint glass. It had a nice caramel color and a about a half inch head at the top of the glass. Where else would the head be? That was silly, I should delete that part of the review. Where was I? Oh yeah, it looked great in the glass. It also tasted pretty phenomenal. It didn’t have the maltiness of the Ranger IPA, but definitely had the pine and citrus. As an “extra” IPA it delivers on the extra. If you like it hoppy, then this one will be a good fit for you. I enjoyed a couple of these with dinner, and the Torpedo will be welcomed in my fridge anytime. 4 caps from me.



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