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Every Sunday evening back in 1997 I was glued to the TV set as was my usual routine. Port Brewing - Santa's Little HelperIn Episode 20 during Season 8 of my favorite television show a young boy complains that he doesn’t get any mail. Then his mom decides to give him the family’s junk mail. One of them is a credit card application. He fills it out using the name of his dog, Santa’s Little Helper and claims the occupation to be “butt doctor”. The company misreads the name as “Santos L. Halper“, and the credit card application is approved. Before long, the boy  receives a credit card and zaniness ensues.

Here we are 14 years later and every time I hear “Santa’s Little Helper” I still go immediately to “Santos L. Halper”… that is until I had this beer.
Santa’s Little Helper

The Beer

Santa’s Little Helper

Port Brewing
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.5%

Each year Santa works up that famous list. He takes notes of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. To the nice people he brings good cheer.for the people who have been anything but nice, he loads up on big fat lumps of coal.
Thankfully, Santa knows this is be seriously nice beer. Brewed only once a year since it was first released in 1997, Santa’s Little Helper has been our annual insurance policy against lumps of coal in our stockings.
Each year we look forward to the release of this beer which signals the arrival of the jolly old fat man and his merry band of elves. Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout is as black as Christmas eve with a decidedly smooth finish. We know you’ll find it the perfect companion for chestnuts roasting on an open fire paired with that lump of coal you’ll be receiving.


The Review

Port Brewing - Santa's Little HelperThis one was a refreshing change from all the spiced ales that typically signify a Christmas brew. I have had a few of those this season, but nothing worth blogging about. So in order to take a detour from my usual diet of hoppy beers I happily popped the cap on this bad boy and poured myself an imperial stout.

It pours a deep dark black into the glass and has a rich malty nose. Like most 10.5% Imperial Stouts, the head was not pronounced and quickly disappeared. Unlike other Imperials, this one is very drinkable and smooth. Much lower viscosity than say a Ten Fidy. I made quick work of this one and enjoyed every short minute while it lasted. If you want to make it on my Christmas list next year you’ll get me a bottle of Santa’s Little Helper when Port Brewing releases it in 2012.

Four caps from me on this one.

-Beer Soaked Erik

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