RJ Rockers – Black Perle

Black Perle

The Beer

RJ Rockers – Black Perle –¬†Spartanburg, South Carolina
Dark IPA – 9.5% ABV

The first brew in the new “Ales From The Dark Side” series, Black Perle is 90-minute, octo-hopped, dark IPA that weighs in at 9.5% abv and named for the German bittering hops, Perle, that were added¬†during the beers unusually long 90-minute boil.

The Review

Call me Captain Jack Sparrow. Nutty, hints of coffee very smooth. RRRRRR!

3 thoughts on “RJ Rockers – Black Perle

  1. Guido, I just picked up a bottle of this myself over the weekend. The wax top reminded me of Maker’s Mark, so I got it based on packaging. Looks great in the glass and sounds like you enjoyed it. Hopefully, I’ll crack mine open this week too. Cheers!

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