Oskar Blues – Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Pliny and Ten FidySo last Friday I took the day off work to run some errands. I had to take the car in to get the brakes done, so while I waited for the auto shop to hook me up I walked down the block to one of my favorite bottle shops. It was crack of the morning and the store just opened. My regular beer expert at the store wasn’t in yet so I was walking up and down the beer fridge staring at over 400 choices to see if there was anything calling out to me. Just then the produce guy came up to me and asked if he could help. I told him that I usually pick Mike’s brain for something interesting to try and he said that Mike doesn’t get in until noon. Then he said the magic words… “Let me check in back and see what he’s got stashed away.” He emerged with a handful of beers that were hidden in the back of the store. I scored a Russian River Pliny the Elder, a Russian River Blind Pig, and couple cans of Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. I took a snapshot of some of my loot in front of the store and posted on Twitter/Facebook right away. My #OC #craftbeer followers should have taken that as a big hint to seek and find. I know Beer Soaked Kevin headed over as soon as he saw the pic.

The Venue

I took the bag of brews back to the auto shop and anxiously awaited for the car to be done. I could hardly wait to go home and crack open a can of Ten Fidy. This is one of those beers that I’ve been hearing a lot about and finally got my hands on it… along with a couple other rarities, but I’d had those before. The car was finished, I drove straight home, put the bottles in the fridge and grabbed a can of the black stuff. I headed out to the backyard with a pint glass and Friday was off to a good start.

The Beer

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The Review

Oskar Blues Ten FidyI can see why this is one of those beers that people remember and talk about. The black can with silver lettering may sound simple but it really stands out in the beer aisle amongst all the brown bottles with colorful labels. The fact that it’s a stout that comes in a 12 oz. can is another anomaly, as the other, more readily available canned stouts, Guinness, Murphy’s, Young’s, etc., all come in 14.5 oz. cans. They say “good things come in small packages” and that definitely holds true for Oskar Blues.

It pours a deep black with amber bubbles at the top, not really enough to call it a head. It’s loaded with rich toasted malt flavors. For a 10.5% beer it was surprisingly very drinkable… and it packed a punch. Although I picked up two cans at the store I only drank one. I’m going to save the other for a rainy day.

In my opinion this is a 5 cap beer, one that I will seek out again and again.


Beer Soaked Erik

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