OC BrewHaHa 2012 – BeerSoaked recap

OC Brew Ha Ha is the Orange County craft beer event that we look forward to every year. In our experience the organizers just know how to do it right. Here’s a quick beer soaked recap with a bunch of photos from the event which took place on Saturday, September 8th, 2012.

OC BrewHaHa 2012 map

OC BrewHaHa 2012 map, the only thing missing was the “You Are Here” dot.

V.I.P. is the way to go

Dr. Bill opening keynote

Stone “Enjoy By” on tap, Dr. Bill Sysak on the mic.

Once again, we signed up for the VIP tickets for the OC Brew Ha Ha. With the upgrade, you get in 1 hour early and you get 4 extra taste tickets. That’s worth the upgrade price right there. But the best part was the opening keynote from Dr. Bill Sysak from Stone Brewing Company, accompanied by complimentary Stone “Enjoy By 9-21-2012” on tap. Dr. Bill gave us a “State of the Craft Beer Union” type speech, chock full of statistics about the number of craft breweries in the USA, and the number of new breweries in process. All in all his talk was about why this is the best time to be a craft beer fan. He finished by leading us in a group toast and set us off to start tasting.

Plan of attack

  • try beers that I hadn’t tried before
  • drink lots of water
  • take photos
  • eat food
  • go to Beer Geek Island periodically to check on the bottle share and see what’s being poured
  • socialize
  • and finally enjoy the craft beers that I know and love


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a photo journal of my day at OC Brew Ha Ha. Cheers!


Last but certainly not least, a few thanks go out


Limited edition Brew Ha Ha 2012 pin from Audrey Miller Art. Did you get one?

Thanks to Lindsay, Staci and Audrey for being our designated drivers. So much respect for you gals stepping up to help us to enjoy the beer festival without having to worry about the logistics of getting home safely.

Thanks to Scott and Staci for hosting the beer soaked breakfast, making sure we had full bellies before heading off to the BrewHaHa, allowing us to drop our cars and carpool to and from your place, starting our day off right and ending the day with coffee and time to sober up before heading back home.


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