Mr. Beer Soaked Homebrewer – part 4 first pour

Zachzilla Pale Ale

Zachzilla Pale Ale

It is named after my 3-year-old son who helped brew and bottle this one. My son, Zach, earned the nickname “Zachzilla” from his older sister because he likes to knock down blocks way more than build with them. Recently Zach has become more interested in building, so we decided to pass on the “zilla” name. Since this is an easy beer to knock down, at a mere 3.5% ABV, it now has the Zackzilla name.

The Beer

Mr Beer – West Coast Pale Ale – 3.5% ABV – 22 IBU

For this beer I followed the recipe exactly as indicated in the Mr. Beer kit. No tweaks, mods, or deviation from the included instructions. (Except for maybe leaving it in primary fermentation longer than the one week they mentioned.)

Zachzilla Pale Ale

Last weekend I brought a bottle over to Beer Soaked Scott’s house after 5 weeks in the primary, (oops), one week conditioning in the bottle, and one week of lager time in the fridge. So it was fairly young. The color was excellent, the carbonation was very good, and the head was decent. It had hops in the nose, but other than that not much up front. The taste was on the lighter side. It was very clean, crisp and refreshing. All-in-all it was a good Pale Ale. It was well received by everyone who tried it and it was a perfect brew for a hot summer day.

I’ve just ordered the ingredients for my next two batches so stay tuned for more adventures in Mr. Beer.


– Beer Soaked Erik

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