More Brown Than Black IPA – Stone Collaborations

More Brown Than BlackAs we’ve said in the past, when craft beer folks get together to brew good things happen. This is another one of those “good things”. Back in August of 2011, Hurricane Irene was an Atlantic hurricane which devastated the East Coast of the United States with massive flooding. The Alchemist brewery in Vermont was destroyed. You may know them as the brewery behind “Heady Topper“, a 16 oz. can of hoppy greatness, (so we’re told… unfortunately, Heady Topper is not available in these parts.) But the folks who have had it tell me it’s wonderful stuff.

So back in November of 2011 three breweries teamed up, Stone, Ninkasi, and The Alchemist, to produce this More Brown Than Black IPA in order to raise proceeds to benefit the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund. The goal is to help to rebuild the brewery and surrounding areas. With a brew like this they are sure to raise a bunch of money.

The Beer

The Alchemist / Ninkasi / Stone
More Brown Than Black IPA – 7.4% – India Pale Ale

Brewers are the kind of people who spend 55 hours a week working in the brewery, sit on non-profit boards, coach their kid’s soccer team, and still sped their spare weekends working at beer festivals that raise money for charities. Brewers are passionate people who care about their community, first with their inspired ales and then with the many ways they help others around them. This role dates back thousands of years to the Sumerians (who worshipped Ninkasi, the goddess of fermentation), when the village brewer literally fed their community ale, allowing them to form settlements, stop hunting and gathering, develop written language, schools, laws… and yes, even taxes.  Ninkasi Brewing was founded in this same spirit. So, when Mitch and Greg asked me to collaborate with them and John to raise some money to assist in rebuilding the region where The Alchemist was devastated by hurricane Irene, I was stoked! Brewing with friends old and new, helping a fellow brewer raise money, and with pints in hand all the while? Awesome! So remember when drinking this tasty beverage, you are helping others too! We salute you!

Jamie Floyd – brewer and Co-Founder, Ninkasi Brewing Company – November 2011


The Review

This one pours a bit darker than the label suggests. It’s really almost black… but to be fair it IS slightly more brown than black. One thing I noticed right off were the bits and bobs floating around in the glass. Perhaps I poured it a tad too quick, or perhaps the extra hops were intentional. The nose is fantastic, it smells like a hop bomb. It’s got a great citrus and pine taste, with a hint of malt on the backend. It’s a fantastically bitter IPA and leaves you wanting more. I paid $2.99/12oz bottle, so it’s priced on the high end. But that’s typical pricing for a Stone Collab bottle, and this one is for a good cause, so I bought a few of them. I’m glad I did too, because I was able to crack open another after the first one was gone. It’s an amazing beer, grab a few if you see it near you. 4 1/2 caps from me.


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