Maui Brewing Co – CoCoNut PorTeR

Maui Brewing Co Coconut PorterOk, now I realize this is a canned beer, and I didn’t plan on reviewing ANY canned beer… but maybe now that’ll change.

The Beer

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The Venue

Friends house. I went to pickup the kids from a play date and was greeted at the front door with “Can I get you something to drink? How about a beer?” My friends know me pretty well. The fridge was opened, and there was a little digging around, and then I heard “Lager or Porter?” I must have hesitated while considering my options, then two cans were help up. Modelo and Maui Brewing Co.

The Review

I chose the Maui Brewing Coconut Porter because it was the one I’d never had before. I can’t remember when I last had Modelo, so I’ll just say that it wasn’t memorable, but Porter in a can? Yep, I had to try that one. I popped the top of the can and heard the familiar “pshhhh” sound that all cans make. I figured that Guinness comes in a can, so how bad can this be? And to be fair, it wasn’t that bad at all. It had a full malty taste, good carbonation, and smoky coffee flavors. Everything I’d expect in a porter. However, if it hadn’t said coconut on the can I’d never have known. I kept trying to find the coconut flavor and it never came to me. Oh, well, it was enjoyable anyway. I could only drink one of them in a sitting, so it isn’t a session beer or anything. But all in all, for a beer in a can it was pretty decent.

This is a 3 cap beer in my opinion. Now I wonder if I need to have pull tab ratings for canned beer?


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