Kick Up Your Chips With Chicos Pico

Kick Up Your Chips With Chicos Pico

Chicospico Salsa goes great with any beer. We believe that you need a variety of beer in your fridge, but only one salsa. Thanks Chicospico!

Why is a beer blog talking about salsa?

Well, for a couple reasons… first off, it’s a great salsa and created a by a local company, here in Huntington Beach, California. As craft beer drinkers, we tend to support our local breweries and we often support our local businesses, especially when they are excellent at what they do. Chico’s Pico is excellent salsa.

Secondly, Chico’s Pico used to be carried at my local Farmers Harvest store, (where I tend to buy most of my craft beer). But it has recently disappeared from the shelves. So now I have to go to Sprouts or Henry’s to get my favorite salsa. So selfishly, I’m hoping to spread the word about the salsa so that it stays around.

And finally, because this is a place for beer soaked thoughts and that doesn’t necessarily mean just beer reviews. We are planning to include beer/food pairings, recipes, and all sorts of beer soaked information for you.

So check out and “Kick up your chips!”



2 thoughts on “Kick Up Your Chips With Chicos Pico

  1. Thanks so much for joining Chico’s Posse, and thanks for the kind words. Just like the home brewers who eventually start producing their beers on a much larger scale, we’re taking an old family salsa recipe and releasing to to the masses. You can add us to the Beer Soaked Brew Crew, or whatever you’re calling your followers.
    Thanks, Chico

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