Iceland soaked in beer

Here at we are constantly amazed at who reads our blog. In fact, when we started this thing we had no idea that anyone other than ourselves would be reading this stuff. So when we got a comment from a blogger named Júlíus Júlíusson from Iceland, we  immediately called BS and thought it was a joke.

Yeah right, ICELAND.

But then we followed the link to the URL he put in his comment and realized that not only is Julius a real person, he is a very talented writer… from Iceland! Most of his blog is about food, but here’s a sample from his beer post…

Joy And Food.

Think Positive – Blog About Food And Life

ThorsbjorIceland Beer Brands

Beer was banned in Iceland from 1915 to March 1, 1989. In Iceland we have several natively brewed beer brands. The major breweries are Ölgerðin EgillSkallagrímsson and Vífilfell. The word Brugghús is Icelandic for brewpub. Following the end of prohibition, some Icelanders have celebrated Beer Day on March 1. Some people may take part in a bar crawl. The legalization of beer remains a significant cultural event in Iceland as beer has become the most popular alcoholic beverage. Last four or five years… [read more]

The article goes on to mention Icelandic breweries: Kaldi, Einstök, Viking, and a handful of others that we won’t even dare try to say aloud… Ölvisholt Brugghús, Ölgerð Reykjavíkur, and the list goes on. The blog is easy to read, and we learned a bit about Iceland’s beer culture from an actual resident and BeerSoaked follower.

Iceland had prohibition until March 1, 1989. Who knew?

Thanks Julius for opening our eyes to a world of beer that we hadn’t ever thought about until now. We hope you had a great Beer Day, and we’ll be toasting to you and all the beer drinkers in Iceland on March 1st from now on.

(Skál means “cheers” in Icelandic.)

5 thoughts on “Iceland soaked in beer

  1. Hi Hi Few days ago i put a small article/list about all (I hope) beer brands in Iceland today on my site. How many Icelandic beer brands do you think you can buy in iceland Today ?

    Love and Peace Julius.

  2. Good morning guys ! Thanks for this nice responding 🙂 I like it …..I put a link to BeerSoaked at my link site.
    Skál í botn = Down the hatc…I hope this is ok translation. Have a good beerday 365 days a year. Best regards Julius

  3. Tom, I really enjoyed your Birdies and Brews series on your site, and the post on golf in Iceland was excellent too. I look forward to more beer soaked golf info.

    Thanks Julius! We’re glad to make friends across the globe. And if we ever get the chance to play beer soaked golf in Iceland like Tom did, then we’ll definitely let you know.

    Cheers and Skál to both of you!

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