How to recycle your six pack boxes

Ever wondered what to do with the boxes that your craft beer comes in? Well I found someone who came up with a great idea. Using the artwork from the boxes and a little creativity she came up with an excellent way to “upcycle” the artwork and create unique accessories that any beer soaked craft beer aficionado will love.

Craft Beer Crafts

I’m taking another diversion from craft beer reviews to pimp out some really cool craft beer crafts from someone I recently discovered on Twitter. I don’t get commission or anything, I just wanted to share something that I thought was very innovative and cool.

The Artist


Mindy Humphrey
Vancouver, WA
“I love craft beer so much that I cut up six-pack boxes and cover them in vinyl to make and sell as accessories for other beer lovers. Check out my Etsy shop!”

The Stuff

I checked out her stuff on Etsy and it is really cool. In fact, so cool that I plan on getting a few things for some of my craft beer peeps for a couple of upcoming birthdays.

Mindy has got wallets, purses, watch bands, bracelets, and even luggage tags all made from six pack boxes. The niftiest thing is that she says she’ll make custom orders if you want to send in your own boxes. I usually buy my craft beer in singles, but I’m going to have to change that habit in order to get some boxes for some custom orders that I have in mind. Oh well, another excuse for more craft beer!
Give her site a look and I bet you’ll find something for some beer lover that you know… (maybe even for yourself). In fact, I bet now is a great time to shop for the holiday season to beat the rush. If you’re buying for me, I’ll take any one of the wallets… and feel free to stuff it full of cash while you’re at it. I’m always looking to add money to the beer fund.

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