How to make friends at a pool party

oskarblues-gubna-iipaIt’s the heat of summer and there are pool parties galore. But one rule remains fairly constant at these types of get-togethers… NO GLASS BOTTLES!

Thanks Gubna!

This is where the fine folks at Oskar Blues Brewery come in to save the day. Gone are the days where your only pool party options were American lager, Australian lager, Japanese lager, Mexican lager, and Guinness. These are the days of infamy. That’s right folks, you can get full flavored, hop forward, craft brewed ales in a fricken can!

That’s right, in a can!

Now be prepared, and hold onto your hat. Not only was Oskar Blues the first microbrewery to can their beer, they canned a really good Imperial IPA for us. Weighing in at 10% ABV and 100 IBU this one is not your typical canned brew. So if you’re lucky enough to have a place near you that sells this stuff, then you too can make friends at a pool party. Show up with a selection of Oskar Blues canned beers, like I did, and all the like-minded ale heads at the party will introduce themselves to you.

The review

The Gubna gets 4 and a half caps from me. I know, I really need to come up with a rating system for cans, as caps are for bottles. But this tasted just as good as a lot of bottled beers. Now I didn’t get a chance to taste all the other Oskar Blues varieties that I brought to the pool party last weekend. But I heard good things all around, and there is still quite a bit of summer left. So go give them a try and let me know your favorites.

6 thoughts on “How to make friends at a pool party

  1. Thanks Beerford. Good shout. I’ll stop by my local market on the way home tonight and see if they have the Ten FIDY. I love a good imperial stout and right now Oskar Blues can do no wrong in my book.

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