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Hop Head Red - Green FlashI kind of remembered Beer Soaked Scott talking about this one a while back. But I didn’t recall whether he liked it or not. So when I saw only two bottles left on the shelf at my local bottle shop I had to grab one and give it a try. I figured I’d immortalize it on the site with a proper Beer Soaked review.

The Beer

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The Venue

I sipped this one at home on the couch watching TV and surfing the web reading about Steve Jobs on the iPad. I’m both a tech geek and a beer nerd. I know, I really need to get out more often. Sad to hear about Steve Jobs passing, but I found great pleasure in reading that many people learned of his passing from one of the devices he created. I like to think the world is a better place because of folks like Steve Jobs and I’ll remember him as a creative pioneer. Okay, now back to the beer…

The Review

It poured into the glass a deep red color with a decent head on it. It lived up to it’s name “Hop Head” with a nice hoppy nose to it. Expectations were set… and subsequently met appropriately as this was a unique twist on a Red Ale with the pronounced hops that you’d expect from a Green Flash IPA. This one definitely will have a place in my fridge the next time I see it. Now I realize why there weren’t many left on the beer wall at the store. Nice job Green Flash Brewing, another fine brew that gets 4 caps from me.


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