Greetings from the Sonoran Desert!

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this but I’ve been lurking here for a while, the ‘quiet’ guy living near the Burning Bird in Arizona. I love Beer Soaked and know I will find it invaluable the next time I make a visit to SoCal and need to replenish my near-empty ice chest. I’ve already preloaded your favorite beer stores into the Android, so I’m locked and (getting) loaded.

Anyway, I stopped at my neighborhood beer store and had a couple of pints tonight. I brought home one that has been a favorite of mine for many years, and if you can find it in Cali, do yourself a favor and buy a bomber to enjoy. It’s called Inebriator Stout by Sonoran Brewing and clocks in at 9.1% ABV. It’s one of the most delicious Imperial Stouts that I’ve tried and I’m proud that it comes from Arizona. Cheers from the desert!


Sonoran Inebriator Stout Limited Edition 2011

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I'm originally from Pennsylvania, the home of the Yuengling, the oldest continuously operating brewery in the US. There I was weened on fizzy yellow Budweiser as a teenager but discovered quality over quantity just before I was of legal drinking age. I think my first clue was with Bass Ale, realizing that 1 bottle of Bass had the same effect as two Buds, but with less hangover the next day. At that time, around 1990, there weren't really any craft brews around, at least none that were available in my small city. I've been in the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona since "winter" of 1991 and began my craft beer Odyssey shortly thereafter. They weren't called "craft beers" back then but microbrews. Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada were among the first I tried, and man were they eye opening at the time. From what I remember, we had only one local brewpub back then, in Tempe, called Bandersnatch. They brewed a delicious Milk Stout. Four Peaks opened in 1997 and went on to prove and inspire that good, local beer could become extremely popular and profitable. Since then, many new breweries have opened around the Valley and around the state. While not the craft brew mecca that CA has become, AZ is holding it's own with many diverse offerings across the immense beer palate. I love beer!

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  1. Jan, thanks for stepping out of the shadows and introducing yourself to the Beer Soaked readers! We’ve been wanting to get your slant on the craft beer movement in Arizona for a while now. So much good stuff coming from the Valley of the Sun, looking forward to more on your local beer scene. Cheers!

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