Dwlye flonking – yes, it’s really a thing

Okay, so this is what I get for googling myself. Well, not really myself, but my beer soaked blog. I got an invite for Google+ about a month ago and haven’t really had the time to set it up. So this weekend I decided to get it going. I wasn’t sure if I had posted a link to BeerSoaked.com on my Google+ account yet, so I searched for “beer soaked” and got quite a few hits, but none from me. As I scrolled through all the Google+ links for “beer soaked” one really caught my eye. Dwyle Flonking

I followed the link, which pointed to the following YouTube video about a game where folks dance in a circle around a bucket of beer and when the music stops the person in the middle throws a beer-soaked rag at someone in the circle. I instantly knew I just had to share this. Enjoy!

“We’re basically country bumpkins playing a silly game”

Dwyle Flonking

When summer comes English pub games often veer from mere eccentricity towards total lunacy.

Dwiyle or Dwile flunking is officially played by two teams of twelve player’s. The fielding team gathers in a circle, called a girter, enclosing a member of the other team, the flonker holds a broom handle (usually called the driveller), on top of which is a beer-soaked rag, the dwile or dwyle.

Produced and directed by Dave Painter – HUTC

The game is started with a whistle, the girter dances around the flonker in a circle. He must flick (or flonk) the dwile with the driveller so it hits a girter team member. His score depends on which part of the body he hits — the usual scoring is three points for a hit on the head (a wanton), two for a hit on the body, (a marther), and just one for a leg strike (a ripple). The winners of the so-called match is the team with the most points after two innings, or usually the one with more members still upright.

The Lewes Arms in Lewes, East Sussex has only around three games a year, this match was against local rivals “East Grinstead Hash Hound Harriers”.

EDIT: After viewing the above video I saw this more in-depth video on the “sport”. Cheers!

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