Don’t tell anyone about this place

Secret SpotIt’s a secret…

I know we’ve all got our little secret spots. You know, that little place that not very many people know about yet. The one that carries the good stuff. I know I’ve got a few favorite restaurants, pubs, and markets that I frequent and loyally support mainly because of their selection of craft beer. But I don’t tell many folks about those places.

Why keep it a secret?

  • Because it’s MY little secret
  • Because YOU might buy the last {insert favorite brew here}
  • Because secrets are fun to keep

Blab your secrets!

The thing about keeping your little secret is that it’s counter productive.

You see, if you tell someone about a great little store where you buy your craft beer, they might go there and buy the last bottle of something rare that you were hoping to grab for yourself. But if you don’t tell folks about your favorite little store, then the store itself may not be there when you want to grab a craft brew.

Think about it this way

Sure, we’d all prefer to walk into an uncrowded restaurant or pub and stroll right up to the front every time. Besides patrons at Disneyland, who likes lines? But, if there’s never a line to wait in, then there’s trouble ahead. In today’s economy we want to support our favorite local businesses, in hopes that they succeed and continue to keep their doors open. Your little secret pizza shop or BBQ restaurant that has a great selection of craft brews on tap needs to grow their business, and you can help them by spreading the word.

I’ll show you mine, You show me yours!

Okay, so here’s a beer soaked short list of the stores that I’ve been keeping a secret.

  • Farmer’s HarvestHuntington Beach,
    19111 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 – (714) 475-1600
    A little farmer’s market with fresh produce, natural foods, and over 400 craft brews along their refrigerated beer wall. Ask for Mike, he heads up the beer, wine and specialty cheese department, and will help you to choose some unique beers from their huge selection.
  • Pacific Park MarketAliso Viejo,
    27792 Aliso Creek Road, Suite B100,Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 – (949) 831-0330
    From the outside it looks like a typical liquor store in an auto repair strip mall. But inside there’s sweet selection of craft beer, a tasting corral, (for beer and wine tasting events), and a very knowledgeable staff who will take the time to find out what beers you like and offer advice on what else you might like to try. If it’s any indication of how serious they are about this stuff, the store tagline is “Craft beer delivered to your door!” So if you’re not local to the area you can contact them about shipping craft beer to you. That’s right, shipped to you!
  • Liquor WarehouseHuntington Beach, CA
    9092 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, CA – (714) 965-6000

    I don’t have a website link for this place, but it’s another one of those that from the outside looks like any other liquor warehouse store. Inside they have all the typical booze and beer selections. In addition, they have a nice craft beer selection in their refrigerated beer wall. You don’t get the same friendly customer service at this place as the other two places I just mentioned, but they have some good stuff on their shelves. You just have to help yourself.

So what beer soaked secret spot are you willing to share?

Let us know your #secretspot @beersoaked on Twitter, or by leaving a comment below. Come on, share the craft beer love.

10 thoughts on “Don’t tell anyone about this place

  1. Great article. I’m in the OC too and will definitely check out those places. My secret spot is pretty well known, so not sure how secret it is, but The Sidedoor in Corona Del Mar has a great craft beer selection, and the food is AMAZING. The secret is to go on Mondays to avoid the crowd. Oh, and HiTime Wine is my fave bottle store. Walk-in fridge… say no more.

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  5. Great place to get a new look (Haircut) and cold-beer in a glass. Hawleywoods Barbershop/410 Main St,Huntington Beach. Doug (Barber) hand you an endless pour of Pabst in a cold glass and starts shaping your mess. Cool tunes..

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