6 Years – Still soaked in beer after all this time

Hey there, it’s Beer Soaked Erik and I have posted way more on Instagram than here on the blog or Facebook, I’m not apologizing, just saying that micro-blogging with photos on Instagram has been my way of staying in touch with folks in the beer world lately. You can see some of my recent posts in the sidebar on BeerSoaked.com, and if you follow me on Twitter then you’ve probably seen the shift from traditional long form posts to much shorter photo based beer commentary. But having said that, there’s still a place for blog posts.

Here we are in the sixth year of BeerSoaked.com. It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago this site was just a drunken thought with Beer Soaked Scott and Kevin at an IPA tasting event at Hi-Time Wine and now it’s a reality. We’ve been documenting our discovery and appreciation for craft beer for 6 years now. Six years! Wow, time flies when you’re having craft beer. So I just popped the cap on a 2011 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot from the Beer Soaked Fridge and made a few top 6 lists to celebrate our sixth Beer Soaked year. Cheers, and thanks for reading!

Beer Soaked Erik’s Top 6 lists…

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Be Somebody!

Complete List of Beer Bloggers

This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, your name in print, that MAKES people! I’m in print. Things are going to start happening to me now.

In all seriousness, we are honored to be listed on the Beer Bloggers Conference list of citizen beer blogs in North America. We were added today along with 60 others. Now it’s time to start bookmarking some of the other beer sites. Cheers to craft beer!


Chico’s Pico – kick up your clicks?

As a blogger and a nerd, I’m always checking to see what drives traffic to our site because we’ve only been beer blogging for a short while. Recently we got a lot of direct referrals from Chico’s Pico which surprised us. They pointed to our salsa review way back in July 2011, and lately we’ve had a sudden burst of traffic from them. Thanks Chico!

So that made us look into our WordPress stats a little deeper. Some of the keywords that link to our site were unexpected. Now if you’re an expert in SEO then you are probably shouting at your screen right about now, “You’re doing it all wrong! Don’t give away the keys to the castle.” Heh, we do this for fun, we’re not in it for the ad revenue. We were surprised at the stats, and thought maybe some of our readers would be too. If you’re interested in this techie sort of stuff, grab a brew, maybe some chips and salsa and settle in to read more… be warned, this one is more about web stuff than about beer stuff. Continue reading

Welcome Ale Heads

Just a quick post to welcome all the folks who are just finding our new home at BeerSoaked.com from the link at our old place.