The last beer I had (actually 2 and a small restaurant review)…

Was quite good from Congregation Ale House in Azusa. I have already been to the one in Long Beach and I have nothing bad to say about that. I only wish the one in Azusa was there when I was in physical therapy school a few years back.

  1. Beer number one was a collaboration from Stone, the TBA on draft. I did a review previously on this beer but just hadn’t had it on draft. It’s even more tasty on draft.
  2. Beer number 2 was from Epic, it was their Hopulent IPA. For more info click here.

Hopulent IPA

Hopulent IPA is a big beer with lots of complex malt flavor and excessive hops. This beer will have changes to the grain bill and seasonal hop changes. The character of Hopulent IPA is over the top, too much of everything—a real HOP HEADS DELIGHT!  Release one weighed in well over 9% ABV with almost 10 pounds of dry hops in the 10-barrel tank.

The rib eye burger and pretzel with beer fondue was great.

Epic BrewingCongregation Ale House


Congregation Ale House
619 N Azusa Ave, Azusa, CA (626) 334-2337




More Brown Than Black IPA – Stone Collaborations

More Brown Than BlackAs we’ve said in the past, when craft beer folks get together to brew good things happen. This is another one of those “good things”. Back in August of 2011, Hurricane Irene was an Atlantic hurricane which devastated the East Coast of the United States with massive flooding. The Alchemist brewery in Vermont was destroyed. You may know them as the brewery behind “Heady Topper“, a 16 oz. can of hoppy greatness, (so we’re told… unfortunately, Heady Topper is not available in these parts.) But the folks who have had it tell me it’s wonderful stuff.

So back in November of 2011 three breweries teamed up, Stone, Ninkasi, and The Alchemist, to produce this More Brown Than Black IPA in order to raise proceeds to benefit the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund. The goal is to help to rebuild the brewery and surrounding areas. With a brew like this they are sure to raise a bunch of money.

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