Bacon and Beer, Not Bacon AND beer

I love bacon; grew up on it in fact. Aside from my Dad’s occasional weekend breakfast masterpieces, I remember my sister and I cooking bacon after school to eat as a snack every now and then. Go ahead, get it out of your system and insert fat joke here. As I was saying, Bacon has some inherent qualities; salty, smoky, greasy and crispy. Take away any one of those and it’s just not bacon. Don’t believe me, try eating a piece of non-crispy bacon. It’s like a chewy pork noodle, and that ain’t right people. Chewy pork noodle is opening for Taylor Swift by the way. Maybe not. As I was saying, it’s my opinion, nay LAW, that bacon must retain these 4 characteristics to be BACON. So what’s my point you ask? Simple, the bacon and (insert anything here) fad needs to stop NOW. It’s gone on long enough. I’ve been given bacon gum, bacon chocolate bars, bacon infused vodka, even made bacon chocolate chip cookies myself; and now I’ve had a bacon beer. None of them are what they should be, even my own cookies. I opened a bottle of beer this afternoon under the pressure of designated wife/driver Staci. She wanted to try it, and even though I knew what was coming, I did as I was told. I’m a good husband if nothing else.
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Taste of Newport 2012 – Blondie / Devo

The Taste of Newport is the annual three-day food, wine and music festival put on by the Chamber of Commerce in Newport Beach, CA. You may notice, like I did, that they don’t mention “beer” in the description of the event, and in years past there was good reason. Last year I asked on Twitter if they would have any craft beer at the event, the response was, “We’ll have Shocktop”.

I was hoping to see Newport Beach Brewing Company at the event, but the local brewery wasn’t there. I was pleasantly surprised to see Golden Road and Bootlegger’s Brewery on the list this year. While they aren’t Newport Beach locals, they are Southern California folks. Golden Road is from LA, and Bootlegger’s is from Fullerton. Bootlegger’s recently won “People’s Choice” at the OC Brew Ha Ha event, so I started off with a Old World Hefeweizen.

The food and beer is great, but the real reason I go to Taste of Newport every year is the musical entertainment. In years past they’ve had folks like Sugar Ray, Foreigner, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Barenaked Ladies. This year there were two headliners on Saturday night, Blondie and Devo. I took a handful of beer soaked blurry photos of the bands for your enjoyment. Continue reading

Mr. Beer Soaked Homebrewer – part 4 first pour

Zachzilla Pale Ale

Zachzilla Pale Ale

It is named after my 3-year-old son who helped brew and bottle this one. My son, Zach, earned the nickname “Zachzilla” from his older sister because he likes to knock down blocks way more than build with them. Recently Zach has become more interested in building, so we decided to pass on the “zilla” name. Since this is an easy beer to knock down, at a mere 3.5% ABV, it now has the Zackzilla name. Continue reading

Mr. Beer Soaked Homebrewer – part 3

Bottle Day… finally!

So my first batch of Mr. Beer is ready for bottling. Actually it’s more than ready. It’s been fermenting for just over 5 weeks now. The timing of my elbow injury was unfortunate for a number of reasons, my brewing schedule was one of them.

I brewed the batch on May 29th, and got injured on May 30th. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a month… I need to get this stuff out of the LBK (little brown keg) and into the bottle to get the carbonation going. The general rule for home brewing is 2-2-2. 2 weeks in the primary fermentation, (LBK), two weeks in the secondary, (bottles), and two weeks in the fridge, (cold conditioning). So if I had kept to that schedule I’d be drinking my beer this week.

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