Call me Mr. Beer Soaked Homebrewer – part 1

I’ve been brewing beer for a few years now using the homebrew setups of my friends and family. I started off with my buddy Chris using extract methods and eventually moved to all-grain brewing with my cousin Jason. But I have never brewed on my own, and so this is going to be a new experience for me.

I just bought myself a gift…

Mr. Beer Homebrew Kit

I’ll be using a Mr. Beer homebrew kit for the first time. I’m looking forward to giving this a try, and hopefully I will have a self-brewed batch of Mr. Beer in time for my birthday in June. This looks and sounds like a fun way to brew on my own, 2 gallons at a time. No one to blame but myself if I mess this up. (fingers crossed)

I will be sharing my BeerSoaked homebrew with you in a few weeks, (virtually or in person). My plan is to follow one of the recipes included with the kit for this first batch. (It includes”two distinct and popular beers for 2 batches”.) Then I’ll post about my brew day experience, good or bad, and give my first-hand impression of the Mr. Beer kit.

I’ve heard good things about it for a while now, and it gets rave reviews on Amazon, so I’m hopeful that all goes well. I have brewed 5 and 10 gallons at a time with my cousin Jason in his garage for so long now that this will be a huge change from my usual homebrew experience. Jason is a heckuva brew master and usually does most of the heavy lifting as far as recipe building, fermentation, kegging, etc. I’ll be on my own for this one.

See ya on the other side of brew day. Cheers!

Beer Soaked Erik

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