California Craft Beer Month

This just in… according to the Sacramento Bee the California State Senate voted today on a bill named SCR 66 to declare February 2012 as the official California Craft Brewery Month. Woo hoo!

SCR 66, as amended, Corbett. California Craft Brewery Month. This measure would proclaim the month of February 2012 as California Craft Brewery Month.”


So What Does This Really Mean?

Well, from the looks of it, they voted on it with only 6 days left in the month. (And that 6 days is because it’s a leap year this year.) Since the Bill states February 2012 on it, are we to assume that it only applies to this year? I sure hope not. Maybe I should take back my “woo hoo” from earlier.

It’s a nice gesture from the California State Senate, really it is. And it passed 36-0 so no one opposed it. It was proposed on Feb 16th, and ammended on the 21st, voted on today. So it looks like it got fast tracked. Just wish that had happened earlier. Coincidentally, the vote kicks off Sacramento Beer Week (Feb 24 – Mar 4). Very clever, very clever indeed. Of course had they voted in time for San Francisco Beer Week (Feb 10-19) we would have had more than a week to celebrate California Craft Brewery “Month.” this year.

I am not usually one to look a gift horse in the mouth (for the record, I’ve never even seen a gift horse.) But this seems like maybe something I shouldn’t even be talking about. I mean after all, it’s currently AZ Beer Week right now, (Feb 18-25). That’s right, The entire state of Arizona only gets a week. But hey, their week is still a day longer than our “month” this year.

If California Craft Brewery Month is every year in February, then I should look at the bright side and plan a year in advance for how I’m going to celebrate.

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Honestly, for me every month is California Craft Beer Month. It’s unofficial, but I’m okay with that.
-Beer Soaked Erik

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