Black Tuesday, yes that Black Tuesday

Hello out there:

So I was able to be lucky enough to place an order for a bottle of Black Tuesday from The Bruery on Tuesday and pick it up yesterday at Provisions in Orange. Lucky for me Provisions was doing 2 oz pours of Black Tuesday to promote this epic beer. This is a porter that will kick you in the face if you are not nice to it. It packs a wallop at 18.3%, no joke. Definitely a sipping beer to enjoy with those beer buddies you love so well. Until next time folks.


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One thought on “Black Tuesday, yes that Black Tuesday

  1. Wow, congrats on getting a bottle of Black Tuesday! Now all you need is a special occasion to crack into it. Who am I kidding? Just opening that bottle will make any occasion special. So who are those beer buddies you mentioned… anybody I know? (hint, hint)

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