– a place for beer is here, now what? was founded by a few regular guys who wanted a place to talk about craft beer. This is that place.

In over our Beer Soaked heads

Like all great ideas this one was born from necessity. A couple of months ago, a few guys who enjoyed craft brews and going to the occasional beer tasting suddenly found themselves at an IPA tasting surrounded by folks who took this stuff seriously… way too seriously. I mean it’s just beer, right? What’s all this about scorecards, the nose, specific gravity, ABV, mouthfeel, etc. ?!? Yeah, we’re in way over our ale heads here. But that’s okay, that’s why we created We’re not trying to replace the sites that give all that information, and we’re not knocking the folks who can break down each component of a beer like a sommelier. Maybe some day we’ll get there, but for now we’re here to drink beers and write about them.


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