Beer Tasting at The Copper Door

Hey folks –

So I recently had the privilege to attend a beer tasting at the Copper Door representing this fine Blog, The following is a run down of the Belgian-style beer that  we got to taste as well as some info on the food we sampled as well, courtesy of The Crosby:

Just a small sampling...

Blanche De Bruxelles – a light, wheat beer that has hints of coriander and orange peel

Allagash White – a take on a the Blanche wheat beer but brewed in the States, slightly more spicy

Pranqster – brewed by North Coast in Fort Bragg, a Belgian-style golden ale that has slight hints of apple and floral notes

La Fin Du Monde – direct translation, “The End of The World”, a great tasting, slightly fruity Belgian style tripple brewed in Canada, A!

Allagash Black – the black sheep of the tasting, no pun intended but an intriguing Belgian style stout with notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted flavors

Chimay Blue – what else can you say, considered to be the classic Chimay ale that is dark in color and comes in at 9% ABV. For those in the know, you will never find this beer on draft due to its brewing and fermenting process.

Strawberry fruit beer by Fruli – a Belgian-white style beer that is packs quite a bit of strawberry flavor, a bit too sweet for this blogger/beer drinker’s taste

Delirium Noel – a great beer to round out the night that is the Christmas beer of the Delirium Trilogy. It comes in at 10% ABV with a flavor that encompasses Christmas, it’s definitely worth picking up a bottle for the holidays

Appetizers courtesy of The Crosby:

German Tea Sandwiches
Fennel sauerkraut, head cheese, smoked gouda,
sweet & spicy mustardon on pumpernickel bread

Gruyère Cheese Tuile
Smoked sausage with Goosberry marmalade

Red Cabbage Tart
Beer braised red cabbage currants and carrot mustard
puree on a dill puff pastry

The Copper Door is located in downtown Santa Ana which features a very popular Arts Village area that includes a few art galleries, restaurants and bars including Lola Gaspar, Chapter One: The Modern Local and the Yost Theatre, a venue for live music.

  • Address: 225 1/2 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • Phone: 714-543-3813
  • Hours: Tue – Sat:    8:00 pm    –    2:00 am

A special thanks to Heather at The Ace Agency and Joe Corona from the Wine Warehouse for putting on this event.

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