Beer Soaked Memorial Day – Bitch Please

Nothing too wordy here, just a quick recap of some of today’s highlights. Started off with an Anchor Steam while Beer Soaked Scott was working the grill. Anchor Steam is a great house beer, consistently good, and readily available year round.

Beer Soaked Tri-tip

Beer Soaked Tri-tip

Scott is our designated chef and any time he’s behind the grill, we’re honored to be in attendance. Today Beer Soaked Kevin and I were lucky enough to be invited over for the BBQ party. Scott was grilling up some dry rub tri-tip and whiskey marinated barbecued chicken in the smoker. Both turned out excellent and after a few beers I tried to get him to divulge his secret recipe, no luck, but I’ll keep trying.

We enjoyed Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale with the food. A limited release brew that appears to be at the end of it’s run. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. But it’s a damn good Red and will be missed.

Next I headed inside to the man fridge to grab the next brew. I said, “Scott, what can I get you?” He replied, “Dealer’s choice.” I said, “Bitch, Please!” He said, “Hey now…” then I showed him the bottle…

3 Floyds & Brew Dog – Bitch Please

Barley Wine – 11.5% ABV

3 Floyds & Brew Dog - Bitch PleaseI am a collaborative brew. I am a messed up, idiosyncratic, schizophrenic son of a bitch. I would blame my parents.  With the wolves of Three Floyds and pirates from BrewDog involved, the writing really was on the wall for me. Right from the start.

Nick, Barnaby and Chris from the legendry Three Floyds visited BrewDog in August 2010 to brew this crazy beer. An inherently Scottish spin on a barley wine brewed with peated malts from Islay, shortbread, toffee and eclectic hops. After fermentation the beer was aged in old Jura single malt whisky barrels for 8 months. All because of the Scamp Wolf of Badenoch. Bitch it up baby!

I bought this one a while ago and held it for a special occasion. Memorial Day bbq seemed like as good an excuse as any. So I handed it to Scott and he grabbed a bunch of taster glasses and headed outside to pour it for his guests.

This one is a complex beer with so many flavors. It scrunched up a few noses from a few of the folks who took a sip. Maybe it was the high alcohol percentage, or perhaps the viscous mouthfeel. One thing for sure, it was unlike any other beer at the party, and will be remembered, not only for the fun name, but for the unique flavors.

It looks like whisky in the glass, a deep amber color. It has a definite malty nose to it as well. A couple of guys walked out on the patio and saw us sniffing it, and sipping it, and holding it up to the light… They asked, “You guys drinking whisky already?!?” And of course the reply from all of us around the table was “Bitch Please!

Overall everyone liked it, myself included. Unfortunately, Scott got called into the house right after pouring out the taster glasses and didn’t even get to try it. Ah, well, there’s always next time.

This was one of the unforgettable craft beers I enjoyed on Memorial Day. And definitely one that the folks at Scott’s beer soaked bbq will remember for a long time… I can’t wait for the next party when I bring another strange brew.

Cheers to Craft Beer and thanks to all the fine folks who serve our Country.Happy Memorial Day!



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