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Why Beer Soaked?

BeerSoaked.com was founded by a few regular guys in Orange County, CA who wanted a place to talk about craft beer. This is that place. Cheers.

Are you Beer Soaked?

Well, I guess that all depends on what being Beer Soaked means to you. Some say “beer soaked” is when two drunkards “cheers”, clanging their brews together, and end up spilling beer on each other. Others think it’s a gimmick to sell stained t-shirts. We tend to think of it in terms of having beer soaked thoughts, and that being Beer Soaked is a good thing.

If you are “Beer Soaked” then…

  • You appreciate a craft brewed beer.
  • You go out of your way to avoid buying beer from the big American beer companies, unless it’s as a gift for someone else, (save the good stuff for folks who appreciate it.)
  • You may or may not carry a bottle opener at all times.
  • You read beer blogs, and may even write for them as well.

So are you Beer Soaked?

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Who are your Beer Soaked bloggers?

Beer Soaked Erik started drinking craft brews in college. Up until then he was known to enjoy Miller Genuine Draft, Coors Light, and Pacifico (when south of the border). Erik now can be found wandering around liquor stores in South Orange County looking for the next great brew, or spending way too much time in the walk-in beer fridge at Hi Time Wine in Costa Mesa, CA. Always on the hunt for a new beer experience, whether it’s a beer tasting, food pairing event, or bottle share. Erik is proud to be Beer Soaked.


Scott is our resident redneck. Most well-known for his “quantity over quality” history with beer. He is quickly getting up to speed with the finer things in beer. He is by far the first of us to admit that he is “definitely a beer snob” now. Scott has gravitated towards the hoppier brews and won’t hesitate to try anything with “India Pale Ale” on the bottle.

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Stew is a beer soaked doctor of physical therapy who is both a foodie and a craft beer enthusiast. When he’s not helping folks improve their health he’s at a gourmet food truck, gastropub, getting his growler filled or at a beer tasting event. Stew has a good friend who works for Duvel, which suits him just fine since the Belgian beers are his favorites.


Kevin is too beer soaked to write his bio. He is our man of few words, in fact, as of this date he hasn’t “written” a thing on the site. He does give his thoughts in person, and is the best beer soaked frisbee golfer on the team. Kevin likes the insanely hoppy beers and is often the first of us to try out a new Double IPA

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Our roving reporter of the Beer Soaked crew is our good friend Guido. He travels a lot for business and has taken on the role with a vengeance. Guido seeks out good beer while jet setting around this fine country of ours. He’s been a long time wine guy, and we dragged him kicking and screaming (like a little child) into the world of craft beer. Now he’s making up for lost time by trying anything and everything he can get his hands on. So far he’s enjoying the darker brews, porters, stouts, black IPA’s, etc.

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Beer Soaked JanJan is originally from Pennsylvania, the home of the Yuengling, the oldest continuously operating brewery in the US. There he was weened on fizzy yellow Budweiser as a teenager but discovered quality over quantity just before he was of legal drinking age. (Shh… don’t tell anyone.) His first clue was with Bass Ale, realizing that 1 bottle of Bass had the same effect as two Buds, but with less hangover the next day. At that time, around 1990, there weren’t really any craft brews around, at least none that were available in his small city.

Jan has been in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona since “winter” of 1991 and began his craft beer Odyssey shortly thereafter. They weren’t called “craft beers” back then but “microbrews”. Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada were among the first he tried, and man were they eye-opening at the time. From what he remembers, they had only one local brewpub back then, in Tempe, called Bandersnatch. They brewed a delicious Milk Stout. Four Peaks opened in 1997 and went on to prove and inspire that good, local beer could become extremely popular and profitable. Since then, many new breweries have opened around the Valley and around the state. While not the craft brew mecca that CA has become, AZ is holding its own with many diverse offerings across the immense beer palate. Jan loves beer!

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7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Erik, Scott and Kevin,

    We’d like to invite you as our guest bloggers to OC Brew Ha Ha and are looking to get in touch with you to discuss the details. Would you be able to email me or provide your contact information so I could get in touch with you? Thanks!

    Stay soaked,


  2. Hey Guys, I’m a frequent beer-o-phile at Pacific Market and built a new site to display collections of stuff that you can rate. I’ve been using it to capture my beer preferences. Would like your opinion on it. I think it could be a great tool for holding beer tasting so everyone can remember (the next day maybe) what it was they had. Maybe there are other uses. What do you think? Here’s my beer: http://www.gangaroo.com/users/jeffcurie/collections/belgian-style-beer-favorites-and-a-few-others

  3. To all those interested in trying out a (relatively) new and adventurous micro-brewery…..
    Brew Rebellion has been around a little over one year and is blowing up with it’s Chris Martin Porters, John Paul Jones Stouts and ever-evolving Ales. Come check us out at Fullerton Beverage, Hacienda in Brea, Mr.K’s and a growing number of Whole Foods stores in So Cal.

    • I have seen Brew Rebellion recently on the shelves at my local Whole Foods and picked up a bottle of Geronimo IPA. It was a nice hoppy IPA. Looking forward to trying more brews. Cheers!

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